You are looking to buy a quality-built garage at a fair price. Most likely you will buy that garage from a person or company making you a promise. We enjoy building garages and as the saying goes, our “proof is in the pudding.” Rather than having one sample garage with all the bells and whistles, our “samples” and satisfied clients are scattered throughout the greater Raleigh area for your viewing and reference.

We have been building garages in the area for 15 years. As our company has gained recognition the time can come for us to grow. In August of 2013 Dick White, of Decca Construction, and Garage Builders of Raleigh joined forces to create Decca Construction / Garage Builders of Raleigh, Inc. It’s under this official banner that all contracts will be written in addition to the licensing and insurances we carry to safeguard our clients. Dick brings 40 years of general contracting experience to the table and will often oversee our projects requiring finish-out services including bathrooms, kitchens, offices, rec rooms, bonus rooms, workout rooms, man caves, etc. In January of 2014 Ben Kaufman, my son, joined our company. Ben assists with our appointment coordination, bid generation, CAD plan design, filing for permits, company management, and some site management. Together, the three of us utilize our experience to help our clients design the optimal solution that suites their desired function and budget. Give us a call today to get the ball rolling on your garage. We look forward to working with you soon and thanks for choosing us!

Browse through the following pages for the model that suites your interest and call us to schedule an on-site appointment. Our goal is to help you design a solution that meets your needs in space, function, and appearance, for the present and future. We offer both simple models of standard designs as well as totally customized shops and living space finished to whatever level you desire. While our competitors build their “rubber-stamp” versions on a grand scale. We build garages to your liking, one at a time.

We specialize in:

Detached Garages

These type of garages are less expensive to build and are most commonly purchased.

Work Shops

These are often desired with garage doors to give them a garage look. If the workshop is going to be heated and air conditioned, then it has to be designated as a workshop, not as a garage, in order to meet NC code requirements.

Garage Contractor Services

Each garage poses its own set of challenges with codes, set backs, elevation grading, and homeowner association “hoops.” Let us take care of the headaches for you.

Garage Apartments, Garage Offices, Garage Studios, Garage Workout Rooms

Since most garages are built at your residence, which is zoned “single family dwelling,” proper usage designations will get you close to the vision you have or function of your garage structure.

Thank you for your consideration. We usually can get started within 2 weeks and have you enjoying your garage in 2 months.

The best way to contact me is by phone at (919) 291-2308, either daytime or evening.

Email address is: jim@garagebuildersofraleigh.com

Jim Kaufman