You are looking to buy a quality-built garage at a fair price. You will buy that garage from a person or group of people making you a promise. I enjoy building garages and it shows. My samples and pleased garage owners are scattered all over the area for your viewing and speak to the same. In short – the “proof is in the pudding.”

I’ve lived in the Raleigh area for 24 years, building garages for the last 14 years. View the following pages for the garage model of your interest and call me to schedule an on-site appointment to discuss options available to you. I’m big in making sure the design of your new garage meets your needs in space, function, appearance, for present and future use. What we offer are simple models of standard designs as well as total custom shops and living spaces that are finished out to what ever level the buyer desires.

My competitors build their “rubber-stamp” versions on a grand scale. I build my garages to your liking one at a time.

We specialize in:

Detached Garages

These type of garages are less expensive to build and are most commonly purchased.

Work Shops

These are often desired with garage doors to give them a garage look. If the workshop is going to be heated and air conditioned, then it has to be designated as a workshop, not as a garage, in order to meet NC code requirements.

Garage Contractor Services

Each garage poses its own set of challenges with codes, set backs, elevation grading, and homeowner association “hoops.” Let us take care of the headaches for you.

Garage Apartments, Garage Offices, Garage Studios, Garage Workout Rooms

Since most garages are built at your residence, which is zoned “single family dwelling,” proper usage designations will get you close to the vision you have or function of your garage structure.

 Thank you for your consideration. We usually can get started within 2 weeks and have you enjoying your garage in 2 months.

The best way to contact me is by phone at (919) 291-2308, either daytime or evening.

Email address is: jim@garagebuildersofraleigh.com

Jim Kaufman